Movember Month Of Wellness

Around the world the month of November is synonymous with men’s health; organizations, brands and individuals come together to raise awareness for men’s mental health and cancer prevention. This is extra important for men, as these issues are all too often left unspoken.

At rokpool we’re passionate about helping guys on their path to looking and feeling their best selves. That’s why we launched our Movember Month Of Wellness, a month dedicated to helping men lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

One of the biggest challenges we face is normalising conversations on mental health – or, to put it simply, talking to each other about how we’re feeling. We are taking this opportunity to invite you all to join us for a month of activities and conversations (online and irl) committed to improving our physical and mental health.

The Movember Month Of Wellness highlights health, wellness and lifestyle elements across ‘mind, body & soul’. We believe that addressing these elements holistically is the key to feeling our best. We are partnering with leaders within specific fields to deliver a calendar of activities and content that will help our community find strength and positivity.